Babe Ruth's former Sudbury home up for sale

Babe Ruth's former Sudbury home up for sale
July 12, 2013, 1:00 pm
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If you're searching for a home in the Massachusetts area, are a baseball aficionado and are willing to drop some big money, look no further than this cozy residence in Sudbury.

That's right, the former home of baseball legend Babe Ruth during his stay with the Red Sox is up for sale and up for grabs for the right price. In fact, the house has actually been on the market since 2012, and, in all likelihood due to a lack of interest from prospective buyers, the price on the place has gone down significantly.

Originally slated at $1.65 million when it went on sale last year, the 5,200-square-foot household has recently been relisted at $1.325 million, a nearly 20 percent drop in price.

The property is definitely a relic, and even as the years have gone by, remnants of Ruth's time there have remained, including burn marks on the living room floor from Ruth's cigar ashes.

Let's be honest, though. You still need significant cash flow to have any inkling that you can afford this home. It's also a bit worrisome that a house where the Great Bambino once lived has not been sold in a year on the open market (although that can likely be somewhat attributed to the still recovering housing market in this country).

With a discount and a significant chunk of baseball history though, maybe someone will scoop it up soon.

For now, it is still on sale and open for the serious baseball fan took take a look around at the very least.