Are we overvaluing the Red Sox chemistry?

Are we overvaluing the Red Sox chemistry?
September 18, 2013, 2:00 am
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There's no doubting that this Red Sox team has chemistry. You see them all enjoying each other's company on and off the field, and the wins keep piling up.

But are the wins due to the chemistry, or is chemistry easy to find because the team is winning. Are there other factors involved?

Gary Tanguay, Mike Felger, and Rob "Hardy" Poole discussed.

"Chemistry absolutely exists, but I think it is more a byproduct of winning than it is a a cause for winning," Hardy said. "[Rays manager Joe] Maddon talked about this earlier this year, they asked him about it in Tampa Bay, and he said I think the truest thing about chemistry, it's really not chemistry, it's communication. Guys talking to each other, guys being able to talk to their manager, guys being able to talk to their pitching coach, which is something this team didn't have for the last two years. They have it now, and it's manifesting as chemistry."

Tangauy says chemistry is like Santa Clause . . . so you can guess where his stance lies there - it can only happen once a year on December 25.

But Tangauy also said that character matters much more, and that had Mike Felger applauding.

"It's not chemistry! That's ridiculous," Felger yelled. Character. Character matters. What did they say in Foxboro. They want someone with football character. Not chemistry."

Felger notes how the 2011 Red Sox team had chemistry, but the overall character of the team wasn't where it needed to be - which is why the team failed in the end.

So what do you think? Is it really chemistry driving this team to 100 wins? Or is it something else? Let us know in the comments section.