Aceves on WBC brawl: It's part of the game

Aceves on WBC brawl: It's part of the game
March 11, 2013, 1:30 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Alfredo Aceves rejoined the Red Sox Monday, after participating in the World Baseball Classic for his native Mexico and finding himself smack in the middle of a wild, bench-clearing brawl.
"To represent the country was pretty cool," said Aceves. "I think everybody would love to do that."
Aceves said he was unsure why Team Canada outfielder Tyson Gillies seemed to target Aceves and toss him to the ground. Team Mexico was upset that, leading 9-3, Team Canada bunted in the ninth inning with an eye toward the total runs scored as a potential qualifying tiebreaker.
"It's a team," shrugged Aceves, who added that he had no prior personal history with Gillies that might have motivated the attack. "It was probably the first time that I saw him, there. But like I say, it's part of the game. He was trying to defend his team. I'd do the same thing."
Aceves said Gillies "didn't surprise me. He just threw me to the (ground). I reacted, too, because I didn't do nothing to him. I was just (saying) 'Calm down.' The fighting was with the pitcher (Mexico's Arnold Leon) and the hitter (Canada's Rene Tosoni). I was saying, 'Calm down, man, calm down, come on.' And he just grabbed me and threw me to the (ground).
"So I was like, 'I'm going to throw you to the (ground), man.' And when I jumped in, I had seven guys against me. I didn't see them. I was after the guy who threw me (down), because I didn't do nothing to him.'
Aceves was asked if he was worried about being injured when he was part of a pile of players.
"You're locked in,'' he said. "You just try to defend and knock them out. That's it, because we were trying to defend ourselves. I didn't do nothing to him."
In a comical exchange, Aceves asked a reporter if he had ever fought before. Told yes by the reporter, Aceves asked: "Now the question is to you: Would you do the same thing?"
When the reporter answered that self-defense was an automatic instinct, Aceves responded: "Yes, but seven guys?"
Aceves said he had a blister on his head, but no other injuries from the scrap.
"I'm alright," he said. "I'm pretty much on track."