Aceves 'happy' after first performance since WBC

Aceves 'happy' after first performance since WBC
March 13, 2013, 6:00 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Alfredo Aceves made his first appearance in a game since returning from the World Baseball Classic. With the Red Sox enjoying their first official off day of the spring and the minor leaguers beginning their spring scheduled, the right-hander went one inning in the  Double-A game against the Twins affiliate at the Sox' complex. He gave up one run on a walk and a run-scoring double by Miguel Sano. Aceves threw 14 pitches, seven for strikes, facing five batters, including four left-handed hitters.
“I just came to do my work today,” Aceves said after his outing. “Finish, I feel happy. And we’ll see tomorrow how practice go.”
Aceves made one appearance for Team Mexico in the WBC, pitching three innings, giving up two runs on five hits, including a home run, with two strikeouts.
“It was 52 pitches I think I had,” Aceves said of his WBC appearance. “The [WBC protocol] was to 65. And I was ready. I talk with my pitching coach and I said I feel good, I don’t feel tired. So I can go to the next inning. I can go after the next inning.”
Aceves will make his next appearance Saturday, when he makes a start in Port Charlotte against the Rays. He said he feels like he is stretched out to where he needs to be at this point in the spring, and could add more innings to the three that he threw in the WBC.
“I didn’t get to that point [of getting] tired,” he said. “So I feel good with my last outings and looking forward for the next, one inning or two inning more. So add it to three plus two that’s five, we’ll see, I’ll let you guys know if really I am capable to go to the next inning.”
The enigmatic Aceves then shared his pitching philosophy, which can he summed up as “mana es major que fuerza.” Or, loosely translated, finesse is better than power.
“That’s kind of the message,” he said. “The mana, that I’m talking about. Because if you just fuerza, feurza, fuerza. I don’t think [that works.]
“ 'Mana' is a word in Spanish that you use to say it’s not about force. It’s about also how to get through that, get it done how. Not about force, it’s about mana. It doesn’t have to be like [force] all the time. Kind of like just let it go and good things come out.
“It’s not about how hard you throw. It’s not about that. It’s about getting people out," Aceves continued. "Ask everybody what’s harder to hit, 90 in or 100 on the middle. They will say it’s harder to hit 90 in, if you locate it, the corners and all this stuff.
"You can throw with fuerza one inning, dos inning, tres inning, quarto inning, cinco. But I think you can get tired quickly than with good mechanics and mana. I’m doing my good mechanics and not forcing it, just let it go. Just letting my body -- my mind tells me to relax my body and let my body do it. That’s it.”