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Santonio Holmes had quite the reaction to his lisfranc injury. Hey, everybody's pain tolerance is different. But Ty Law has his reasons for not taking a cart off the field if he doesn't absolutely have to.
Troy Brown couldn't help but compare the Patriots' offensive attack on Sunday to that of the style they played back in the early 2000's.
Ty Law gives his opinion on Kansas City Chiefs fans cheering when their quarterback, Matt Cassel, went down with an injury.
A collection of the best Patriots-Broncos postgame coverage on CSNNE.
You can't pin this loss on Peyton Manning. The Broncos QB did all he could to put the Broncos in a position to win, but his teammates let him down throughout the game.
The Broncos were ready for it -- so they thought. They had prepared for the Patriots up-tempo offense all week, but once on the field still couldn't keep up. The Pats were too quick.
The Patriots secondary certainly won't win any awards for their performance on Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Colts, but they showed up in some spots.



Sun, Feb 1
Super Bowl
New England01401428
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LeaderNew EnglandSeattle
PassingT. Brady 328R. Wilson 247
RushingL. Blount 40M. Lynch 102
ReceivingJ. Edelman 109C. Matthews 109
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