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Matthew Slater has gotten a lot of wide receiver reps lately because of some absences at the top of the depth chart. But even if the chances don't translate to game day, he'll be contributing somewhere.
Tom Brady's birthday's are bittersweet around these parts. As Brady grows older, so does "a generation that's come to be defined" by him, writes Rich Levine.
The offensive line looks a lot different this year than it has in past years, but one man who continues to hold it all together is coach Dante Scarneccia, a man that players and fellow coaches truly trust.
It was a low-key day at Gillette as Bill Belichick said he wanted to slow things down.
Tom Brady struggled in practice Thursday, but Wes Welker said that those kind of days make Brady the quarterback he is.
Patrick Chung said New England's defensive backs don't listen to the criticism, focusing only on their own goals.
Phil Perry and Mary Paoletti are back with another postcard from Patriots training camp. This time, they've got notes on shorts and shells, Julian Edelman's catches, Tom Brady's misfires, and much more.



Sun, Feb 1
Super Bowl
New England01401428
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LeaderNew EnglandSeattle
PassingT. Brady 328R. Wilson 247
RushingL. Blount 40M. Lynch 102
ReceivingJ. Edelman 109C. Matthews 109
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