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From "Who?' to "Phew": Justin Francis was back on the field today.
Between the time the ball is snapped and the whistle blows to signal a play dead, hundreds of decisions get made by the 22 players on a football field.
Dan Shaughnessy took a ridiculous stand against the Texans. And this morning, one Houston writer responds.
The Patriots fell just short of a Super Bowl last season, but wide receiver Deion Branch says the team is even better this year, despite winning one less regular season game.
Texans coach Gary Kubiak knows the Texans will have to account for Vince Wilfork and the rest of the Pats' stout run 'D'.
Thought it won't be the deciding factor in Sunday's game against the Texans, the Patriots' playoff experience could help.
NFL Wild Card Weekend came and and went, and well, there wasn't a whole lotta "wild" involved. But with a new set of playoff games scheduled next weekend, things should escalate.



Thu, Oct 16
NY Jets667625
New England7103727
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LeaderNY JetsNew England
PassingG. Smith 226T. Brady 261
RushingC. Ivory 107S. Vereen 43
ReceivingE. Decker 65S. Vereen 71
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