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The Jets quarterback has been succesful against New England in past seasons, but says that 'it's always a challenge.'
Tom Brady loves winning football games just as much as he loves his sleep. Fortunately, the two go hand in hand.
Brandon Bolden and Tracy White are the only two Patriots missing from practice
Yes, they talk football. But after 2 12 years on weekly interviews on 'Quick Slants', Comcast SportsNet's Tom E. Curran and Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo talk so much, much more.
The New York Jets will give the Patriots some new looks on Sunday. "New" as in, something the Jets have yet to use this season. Not "new" as in, something the sport has never seen before.
The Patriots will tell you that the New York Jets defense looks no different. But without cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season, Rex Ryan's defense clearly isn't the same.
Tom Brady and the Patriots are well aware that Jets Week is upon them. They'll prepare accordingly, but aren't going to get too caught up in everything that surrounds it.



Thu, Aug 28
New England0103013
NY Giants0100616
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LeaderNew EnglandNY Giants
PassingJ. Garoppolo 284R. Nassib 107
RushingJ. White 29A. Williams 44
ReceivingA. Dobson 57L. Donnell 60
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