Yet another awkward high five for Brady

Yet another awkward high five for Brady
February 9, 2014, 3:15 pm
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Oh, boy. We think we know what needs to be Tom Brady's first mechanical fix of the offseason.

Something's gone very, very wrong with his high-fives.

The Patriots quarterback's celebration skills -- or lack thereof -- were under the microscope all season. And still, for the man who has mastered just about everything else, they clearly haven't gotten much better.

At the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Brady was paired with American pro Ricky Barnes and had himself a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, he actually eagled the course's second hole. He and Barnes finished the weekend at 13-under while the other pair that made up their foursome -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Brookline, Mass. native James Driscoll -- finished at 12-under.

The only downside to the event? Brady was caught completely botching another five. His latest swing-and-miss appears to be a classic case of the ball-and-socket screw-up. You know it well: One guy goes for the high-five while the other goes for the pound.

It's awkward. It's ugly. And let's be honest, it's embarrassing.

Don't let Tom and Ricky's smiles in the above photo fool you. This didn't end well. Here's hoping -- for Brady's sake -- that the two went back into the clubhouse and got on the same page to avoid further humiliation. Maybe Brady even learned something that he can take with him back to Foxboro for next football season.

Lord knows he could use a hand.