Would you ever consider trading Tom Brady?

Would you ever consider trading Tom Brady?
February 12, 2014, 4:15 pm
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It happened to Joe Montana. Could it happen to Tom Brady?

On the face of it, trading Tom Brady isn't as completely insane as it sounds.

Now before you throw your laptop out the window, hear us out.

Joe Montana is arguably the greatest quarterback who ever lived, and eventually the 49ers decided it was time to move on from him, trading him to Kansas City. Brett Favre's time was up in Green Bay as far as the team's front office was concerned, and he ended up being forced into (his first) retirement for all intents and purposes.

Could the same happen to Brady? Could the Patriots choose to move on from him?

Bill Belichick would never do it without a succession plan in place, but if ever a coach was willing to make a franchise-altering move in order to benefit the team, wouldn't it be the Hoodie?

We're not talking about trading Brady this offseason. But would you consider looking for an eventual successor soon, and then trade No. 12 whenever the next guy is ready?

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