Will the Pats bring back Talib, Blount, and Edelman?

Will the Pats bring back Talib, Blount, and Edelman?
January 19, 2014, 10:30 pm
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Now that the Patriots season is officially over, the team will begin to decide what to do about their free agents.

Aqib Talib, Julian Edelman, and LeGarrette Blount are three of those free agents.

Mike Felger, Ty Law, and Troy Brown discuss whether or not those players might be back next season.

First up is Talib, who again got injured in the AFC Championship game. He's had a problem staying healthy over the years. Is it worth the risk to give him a long term deal?

"He's had a recurring hip thing," Felger said. "He missed time in Tampa his last year there with the hip, he missed time last year with the hip, and he missed time this year with the hip. Now today it felt like it was the knee, but anyway, to me it's a health issue. I don't know if you can give him a longterm deal."

Edelman also had injury issues in the past, but was healthy all season for the Patriots this year.

"He is dynamic at the punt return position," Law said. "So you have to pay him. He's your top receiver and your best punt returner. You have to pay him."

But Felger and Law don't see the Patriots in Blount's future. They've already got other running backs under contract.

"I think you don't pay LeGarrette Blount because you still have a Stevan Ridley, even though he fumbled, maybe he can get over that whole thing," Law said. "I still think Stevan Ridley is the better runner."