Will Gronk ever be the same after injuries?

Will Gronk ever be the same after injuries?
December 10, 2013, 1:45 am
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We know the Patriots probably won't be the same this season without Gronkowski.

But what about Gronkowski himself? Will he ever be the same after all these injuries and surgeries?

The guys on Sports Tonight discussed.

"I said this for a while: I think he could be the Earl Campbell of tight ends," Chris Gasper said. "Physical force, bruising, fast, he had it all, ran people over. But also because of that style and because he was hard to bring down, he took additional hits, he took extra hits. And I feel Gronk is the same way."

"I'm not sure moving forward you're going to see the same guy. I think he'll still be a big time tight end, but will he be a transcendent force? No, I think there's a cumulative affect to these injuries."

Mike Felger compares Gronkowski to Mark Bavaro, in that he's a big, tough player but just couldn't stay healthy enough.

Jeff Howe thinks that the injury could really affect his longterm future with the Patriots.

"He's facing his 8th surgery that we know about since college," Howe said. "Two on the back, four on the arm, the ankle, now the knee, so on and so forth. He's 24, do these things really get better for these guys? And the Patriots have to look at the contract. After 2015 they have a $10 million dollar option. After 2017 it becomes really affordable to let him go. So he has to start thinking about should I even play next season. We know that there was a divide between him and the team this season. Does he go into next season and say. 'You know what? I have a lot of money left on the table in two or four years from now. Maybe I should sit this one out. Maybe I see the writing on the wall as much as they do.'"