Wilfork: 'You have to move forward'


Wilfork: 'You have to move forward'

FOXBORO -- Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth were supposed to be a dominant force on the Patriots' defensive line. But heading into their Week 10 game against the New York Jets, the Pats are without Haynesworth, who was released on Tuesday and has been claimed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wilfork spoke to the media for the first time since Haynesworth's release on Thursday at Gillette Stadium, and said that regardless of how good Haynesworth was supposed to be, it's time to move forward without him.

"These things happen all the time," said Wilfork. "You have to be able to keep the ball rolling and deal with certain situations as they come. We can't be bracing ourselves for what might happen. You just have to be prepared, and when it happens, you have to move forward.

"We're definitely moving forward. The ball's going to continue to roll, no matter how you slice it."

Wilfork was asked again about what went wrong with Haynesworth in New England, and he said, "At this point, my focus is the Jets. That's in the past. The Giants are in the past. The Jets last game is in the past. We're just trying to move forward right now, as a team. That's the best thing that we can do at this point. Move forward and get better as a team, and play better. That's our focus."

Wilfork concluded all Haynesworth talk by proclaiming his faith in the current group of Patriots that is here right now.

"What we have in this locker room is what we have," said Wilfork. "This is what we're gonna ride with, what we're gonna die with. We have something good in that locker room. We all know that."