Wilfork: We have our thinking caps on for Bills

Wilfork: We have our thinking caps on for Bills
September 27, 2012, 5:14 pm
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FOXBORO -- It's unlike any NFL team to reveal their or their opponent's secrets, heading into a game. But on Thursday, Patriots veteran Vince Wilfork gave at least some description of what they'll be expecting from the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

"They keep you off-balance," said Wilfork. "This offense keeps you off-balance. They do it all. I don't care who they have back there at running back. I don't care what running plays -- as soon as they go to the sideline and adjust, they come up with something different.

"They give you so many different looks," he added. "We have to have our thinking caps on, at all times with this team. Like I said, they've been very successful over the years, especially against us. Giving us different things, not letting us settle into a game. They just keep it moving on us. So, we have to understand what they're trying to do, and just have to prepare well."