Wilfork says Achilles injury is forgotten

Wilfork says Achilles injury is forgotten
August 4, 2014, 12:45 pm
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RICHMOND, Virginia – Vince Wilfork’s a hard grader. So for all the times we in the media make a naked-eye observation that he looks good in this training camp, the opinion that matters most is Wilfork’s.
Monday, Wilfork proclaimed his Achilles is now, “an afterthought.”
“I felt pretty good coming into camp being able to come into camp and knowing I’d be fine,” said Wilfork, who blew his Achilles in Atlanta last season. “I just had to do it. And after the first day doing it, I haven’t thought about it after that and I still don’t think about it.”
Wilfork has had no apparent limitations on him this camp. On the heels of a rancorous offseason contract imbroglio in which his ability to come back from a serious injury at his size and weight, Wilfork seems bent on vindication.
Asked about the weight he trimmed in the offseason, Wilfork began softly saying, “With an Achilles, the more weight you can take off, the better you’ll feel. I tried that and it went well. … That’s the main goal, maintaining. Being able to work at things so I can get better on-field, off-field with my body. I think that’s what’s gonna keep me around as long as I want to be around. Not get pushed out the door. Long as I want to be around, I’ll be around.”
The way he looks early in this camp, that could be a while.