Wilfork: Quarterbacks are wimpy


Wilfork: Quarterbacks are wimpy

"You know quarterbacks are wimpy."

That's a line from Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, who answered questions from fans in Foxboro as part of the Patriots Hall Speaker Series.

One thing Id get rid of is the penalties, certain penalties, said Wilfork when asked if there was anything he'd change about the NFL.

"You have a guy thats making 30 million a year (the quarterback), but you cant touch him. Cmon, lets be for real now. Me as a defensive lineman, its OK for somebody to hold me up, and another guy to come and chop my legs, and I cant protect myself. I can do without that."

Wilfork touched upon a few more topics during the Q&A session, found here in the Boston Herald, including the Jets quarterback situation, the draft, and his preference of interceptions over sacks.

"Thats me. Some people like getting the sack," he said. "No, give me the ball.