Why would Manziel visit Patriots?

Why would Manziel visit Patriots?
April 2, 2014, 10:00 am
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Here's a name you probably didn't have attached to the Patriots on draft day: Johnny Manziel.

But sure enough, the team is reportedly meeting with him (and also on the same day, Teddy Bridgewater) on Wednesday in Foxboro.

What's that all about? Well, Mike Felger, Bob Neumeier, and Ron Borges were in studio to discuss the news and what it could mean.

"I think sometimes Belichick likes to kick the tires on these kind of guys and get information on them because you never know," Borges said, "maybe something happens and unbeknownst to him the guy drops enough that they can move up. At least you want to have some information on him."

The Patriots hold the No. 29 pick in this year's NFL Draft. Manziel has been projected to go as far as No. 1 overall, but there's always a chance he slips early and it snowballs from there.

But Borges isn't exactly a fan of Manziel, at least not at the NFL level.

"I just think that, look, he was getting banged up a ton in college," Borges said. "And now he's going to come to the pros and so much of his game is moving around and getting out and making plays not only with his arm which he can do, but with his feet. I just think he's a slightly built guy and plays in a style that in the NFL will get you killed."

But it's still strange that Manziel would come visit here, right? Felger thinks so.

"To me, why would he do it? Why would he come here?" Felger asked. "If he thinks he's going to be a No. 1 pick and the Patriots are sitting at No. 29, why would he waste his time coming here?"

Neumeier may have the reason: the hype machine. He feels that so much of what the media says about a particular player - in this case Manziel - has an effect, for some reason.

"This guy could be great, he could be a bust, who knows," Neumeier said. "But the overreaction that the press and the media have if one person knocks a player like Johnny Manziel is beyond me."