Who's winning Broncos-Patriots arms race?

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Who's winning Broncos-Patriots arms race?
April 22, 2014, 10:00 am
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The Patriots and Broncos were the two best teams in the AFC last season, and they only got stronger over the offseason through a series of additions.

New England bolstered its defense by acquiring Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, and the Broncos did the same by stealing Aqib Talib from New England, and signing DeMarcus Ware and T.J. Ward.

The guys on Patriots Talk TV discuss which team is stronger thanks to the offseason moves.

"I got to say I like what New England has done, but I still think Denver has addressed some defensive issues," Mike Giardi said. "You bring in DeMarcus Ware. You're going to have Von Miller coming back, nasty bookend right there. TJ Ward the hard-hitting safety that everybody wants New England to get. Well, he's in Denver now. I like Denver's defense and I think the offense won't miss a beat even though Eric Decker no longer plays for them."

Tom E. Curran notes that while perhaps Denver did a bit more in the offseason, the Patriots are bound to improve simply by getting their own guys back healthier.

"The Patriots are going to get a bigger bump from the guys they were missing in 2013, Mayo, Wilfork, Tommy Kelly," Curran said. "Additionally, when you look at Ryan Clady and Von Miller as you mentioned, that's significant. But the Patriots are also going to get Rob Gronkowski back, who by all conditions and reports that I'm hearing, is progressing quickly."

That's all fine and dandy, but the goal isn't to win the AFC Championship - it's to win the Super Bowl. Phil Perry wonders if either team can is good enough to roll with the best out West.

"I think we all knew going into the Super Bowl," Perry said, "whether it was the Patriots or the Broncos, had very little chance over the Seahawks or 49ers because those teams were just so stacked defensively that there was very little chance to do a whole lot. So the question is now, can a team from the AFC, the Broncos, Patriots, can they compete with those monsters in the NFC?"