Who should the Pats target next in free agency?

Who should the Pats target next in free agency?
March 18, 2014, 2:30 am
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The Patriots have been pretty busy over the last week of NFL free agency.

But there are still plenty of free agents out there, and the Pats are far from a finished product.

So, what do they address next? Lou Merloni, Bob Neumeier, and Dan Shaughnessy discuss that, and it sounds like they all want to see more quarterback pressure.

"I think that maybe they took a look at the defensive end," Neumeier said. "Jared Allen I don't think is going to be part of this deal. I know he was in the Dallas camp today taking a look with the Cowboys. I just don't see it. I think they need a pass rush . . . I'd love to see one."

Shaughnessy says that we don't want to get greedy, but Merloni says hold on a second.

"Now is the time to get greedy, because you just signed two press corners," Merloni said. "You talked about the Seattle approach defensively. You always felt like if you put pressure on the quarterback, your secondary could look good, I felt like that secondary made the front four look good because they were in those wide receiver's faces. Peyton Manning couldn't get rid of the ball. So if you've got those two corners, now get another pass rusher."