Who should the Pats sign? Welker or Talib?

Who should the Pats sign? Welker or Talib?
February 11, 2013, 5:07 pm

Behind door number one, we have one of the most productive receivers in the last six years. He's Tom Brady's security blanket despite making a couple of questionable drops in big games over the last two seasons. He seems irreplaceable.

Behind door number two, we have a cornerback. He's had a history of injuries, and a whole mess of off-the-field problems in years past, but he was a solid citizen in New England for a couple of months. He's talented enough to play man-to-man on the edge, but he's not a shut-down corner. He seems irreplaceable. Mostly just because it's been years since the Patriots had anyone like him.

If you had to keep one, who do you take? Check out what the Sports Sunday guys -- Mike Felger, Ron Borges and Kirk Minihane -- had to say on the subject in the video above.

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