Who are the Patriots X-factors going forward?

Who are the Patriots X-factors going forward?
November 12, 2013, 11:45 pm
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CSNNE's Mike Giardi and Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran break down three Patriots X-factors for the remainder of the season. Here's some of what Curran had to say on each X-factor.

1. Return of Shane Vereen
"Patriots have missed third-down back production as much as really any other position. They haven't replaced Danny Woodhead adequately because Woodhead is gone and Vereen got hurt."

2. Healthy Aqib Talib
"If you look at Aqib Talib's contributions on the field ... you can put him out on a receiver  who is a top tier player and not so much worry about him. That means Arrington is in a better spot, that means Dennard is in a better spot, that means the safeties are in a better spot."

3. Play of offensive line
"Too inconsistent over the first nine games of the regular season, especially against as you mentioned those fronts that can get pressure with four [linemen]. Caronlia is one of those teams. Looking to see this team come back after the bye week and show a little bit of rehabilitated style, fundamentals, and some attitude."

Who do you think the Patriots X-factors are? Let us know in the comments section.