What's next for the NFL and concussions?


What's next for the NFL and concussions?

Well, where does the NFL go from here? After the death of Junior Seau, brain damage has become the hot topic in the football world once again. Michael Felger and Sean McAdam weigh in on the hot topic.

"What if it is determined, simply put, that playing football gives you brain damage?" asked Michael Felger. "Do the states and government stand up against this sport like they would others? Like MMA, boxing I think the NFL has to consider that."

Felger and McAdam mention the rule changes that have already gone into effect and even a rule that could be fast-tracked for next season to eliminate kickoffs in the NFL. Felger suggests the league could go to much more drastic measures.

"Do you evolve to a place where they are literally wearing flags? Do you evolve to a place where you take away the equipment and make it like rugby? Because rugby has half the amount of concussions"

If the league doesn't turn to more 'in-game' rule adjustments, Felger says the league might eventually have their players sign waivers, like MMA, to protect themselves down the line.

"In the MMA, they have them sign waivers so they can't turn around and sue MMA for causing brain damage. Are we headed for a league that says, if we want the sport to be what it is right now, the players have to take it upon themselves to sign a waiver and say, 'I acknowledge playing this game can potentially lead to brain damage. I do not hold the league, nor it's owners liable'"