What if Tebow outplays Mallett in the preseason?

What if Tebow outplays Mallett in the preseason?
August 9, 2013, 12:00 am
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Marc Bertrand joined Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson on "Uno Sports Tonight" for a special edition of "What if?" to look ahead to the Patriots' preseason schedule, starting Friday night in Philadelphia.

Since no good Patriots discussion in training camp doesn't involve Tim Tebow, that's exactly where they start the debate. What if Tim Tebow outplays Ryan Mallett? Should he be Tom Brady's backup?

Bertrand wasn't having any of that.

"Do you really think this is a possibility? Because I don't think it is," Bertrand said. "If it does, it means there are some serious red flags about Ryan Mallett. Not so much positive things about Tim Tebow in my opinion. I'm not worried about Ryan Mallett."

The next question asked what if Shane Vereen outplays Stevan Ridley, who was the team's starting running back last season?

"Then we have a nice, healthy competition at running back, which is good for Ridley, because we heard about Ridley in the offseason about how he's been working out and really bulking up, and now the reports out of camp are he's just looked OK," Bertrand said. "This would be a great battle to see from now until the end of the preseason; these two guys duking it out to see who's the No. 1 back."

The last question may scare Patriots fans more than any other. What if Rob Gronkowski isn't the Gronk of old when he returns this season?

"That's just one more guy on the list of guys they don't have at the same form that they had last year," Bertrand said. "That would be just another problem on the list."