Welker vs Belichick better subplot

Welker vs Belichick better subplot
November 21, 2013, 10:00 pm
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Coming into Sunday night’s matchup, there are many storylines dominating the headlines.

However, the Wes Welker versus Bill Belichick headline appears to be in the lead, even over the Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning storyline.

Gary Tanguay and Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy discussed the Welker-Belichick subplot on "Uno Sports Tonight."

“It seems over the top,” Shaughnessy said. “You couldn’t get Bill to say something nice about him the other day. There’s that whole insistence on value, and value of the position and next man up and all that stuff. And they have replaced him. But it didn’t seem to need to be this harsh.”

Since Welker left the Patriots, there seems to be a growing animosity between the two.

“I think you may have some of the mentor-protégé thing, and [Belichick] feels like he is ungrateful or he won’t be as good elsewhere,” Shaughnessy said. “I think he blames him for dropping that ball in the Super Bowl. It cost him a ring.”