Welker: Slack will have to be picked up with Hernandez out

Welker: Slack will have to be picked up with Hernandez out
September 21, 2012, 6:13 pm
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FOXBORO -- The Patriots offense will undergo adjustments in Aaron Hernandez's absence. There will be more snaps to go around, and though no one will try to replace the tight end catch-for-catch, the receivers will do their damnedest to make it work.
"I think we all just go out there and try to do our jobs to the best of our ability," Wes Welker said Friday, "and whenever you're called upon you go out there and do that. And I think everybody's going to have to pick up the slack with Aaron being out."
It seems where Welker is concerned, the issue will be confounded for the rest of the season. Every minute of "clock", as Julian Edelman puts it, Welker gets or doesn't get will be analyzed and overanalyzed. Talk of The Phase Out will continue to fester.
He'll take it either way.
"Obviously, I want to be out there as much as possible. However I can contribute to help us win, that's my job."
Some of the snaps will go to Deion Branch, who was re-signed September 19. Welker said he's happy to welcome Branch back in the fold. Having multiple players who are familiar with the Patriots system is only a good thing.
"He's right back to where he was just a few weeks ago. He's been so dependable for so many years and will continue to be for us this year.
"I think it helps everyone. Anytime you have a player that can contribute like he can, I think that helps everybody all the way around."
How much Welker will help the team? To be determined. But you know someone will be watching that clock.