Welker responds to McGinest: Why'd you leave?


Welker responds to McGinest: Why'd you leave?

One day after Willie McGinest said Wes Welker had a "diva attitude" for saying he might skip minicamp -- and just hours after our Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran called out McGinest for his comments -- Welker has fired back . . . via Twitter.

@williemcginest why did u ever leave the Pats and play for the Browns? Wes Welker (@WesWelker) April 25, 2012

Well, Welker doesn't have the history 100 percent correct. McGinest was actually cut by the Patriots before he received what Curran called a "golden parachute" from Cleveland -- a 3-year 12 million contract with 6 million guaranteed.

Still, the sentiment of Welker's tweet remains: You got you're money, Willie. Aren't I entitled to mine?

UPDATE: Word travels fast on Twitter, it seems. Minutes after Welker's jab, McGinest reponded.

@WesWelker My point exactly. We're all expendable at Patriot Place Willie McGinest (@WillieMcGinest) April 25, 2012
We'll have more updates if and when this Twitter jousting resumes.