Welker relates to Mankins on ACL recovery

Welker relates to Mankins on ACL recovery
August 15, 2012, 9:10 pm
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FOXBORO -- Wes Welker is entering his third season coming off an ACL tear. With Logan Mankins' ACL recovery being of some concern right now, the Patriots wide receiver's comments about that type of injury should indicate just how serious it is.

On Wednesday Welker pointed out how much different the recovery process is between the first year after the injury and the second.

"I went from 86 catches to 122. So, I'd say that's quite a difference, to be able to have that year under your belt and really try and come back from it, and those different things," said Welker after Wednesday's practice.
"I definitely don't wish that injury on my worst enemy. That's definitely a tough one."