Welker on being ex-Pat: 'That's the way it goes'

Welker on being ex-Pat: 'That's the way it goes'
April 3, 2013, 11:45 am
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Wes Welker maintains he’s looking forward and “excited” to be with the Denver Broncos, but it sounds like his mouth’s on auto-pilot and his heart is most definitely not in the Rockies.
Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, Welker was grilled right out of the gate by Patrick about the events of three weeks ago that saw the brilliant slot receiver wind up a former Patriot.
“It’s just part of the business and part of how things go,” Welker stated when asked about playing with Peyton Manning instead of Tom Brady. “I had a lot of great years with Tom (Brady) there in New England and now it's another chapter. You don’t forget everything, but you move on.”
When Patrick stated that it seemed to him Brady could have swayed the team to keep Welker if he delivered an ultimatum, Welker said, “I don’t think Tom makes decisions like that. I know he doesn’t. He wants what’s best for the team and he knows that his coach (Bill Belichick) does that. It just didn’t work out. That’s just kinda the way it goes. I’m excited for new opportunities here in Denver.”
Of speaking with Brady, Welker said, “We were both a little bit disappointed in a way of not being able to play together, but he was happy for me. He’s a standup, good guy. It was tough but that’s the way it goes.”
While pictures surfaced on Tuesday of Brady working out with Welker’s replacement, Danny Amendola, Welker says he hasn’t yet had a chance to throw with Manning. Nor would Welker bite when Patrick asked Welker if the Broncos had a better chance of winning a Super Bowl than New England.
As Patrick amiably prodded Welker for more candor, telling Welker he was “on his side,” Welker said once more, “It is what it is, you move on and you just get ready for the next season and that’s just the way it goes.”
That’s what resignation sounds like.