Waters did not report to Patriots training camp


Waters did not report to Patriots training camp

Brian Waters did not report to training camp on Wednesday, reporting day for Patriots veterans. And whether he'll report at all is still up in the air.

"Im not really talking about it, youll have to talk to the Patriots about it," Waters told Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. "At this moment, Im not really discussing the situation. Right now Im just handling things between me and the team. If they want to talk to you, thats fine but Im not really talking about it.

"Youre just going to have to talk to the team. Im allowing them to handle all the media stuff right now. Were going to do it this way, because its the best way to do it."

That Waters might miss some (or all) of Patriots training camp likely isn't a huge concern for the team. The veteran guard didn't sign with New England until Sept. 4 last year and still made the Pro Bowl.

One reason for a red flag? Waters hinted at retirement in the moments following the Patriots' Super Bowl XLVI loss to the Giants. Since then, he hasn't made an announcement either way about the 2012 season.

Grab Bag: Who’s the best Boston sports athlete to wear No. 5?


Grab Bag: Who’s the best Boston sports athlete to wear No. 5?

In a game of Grab Bag, Trenni Kusnierek and Gary Tanguay discuss the best player to wear No. 5 in Boston sports history. They also touch on what the biggest rip-off is in Foxboro: Tom Brady’s $200 cookbook or $40 parking at Gillette?

“I hate that cookbook so much. It’s just emblematic of everything that’s wrong with the top one percent,” said Trenni Kusnierek. “Take that avocado ice cream and shove it. I’m gonna go eat some thick, fatty custard.”

Brady might say Trenni will 'feel the burn' in her arteries if she doesn’t follow the rules of his cookbook. But, sorry Tom, the far majority of Americans can’t afford to spend a whole paycheck on a book, of all things, nevermind support the diet the book teaches.

At least at Gillette you get to enjoy a football game.