Was pass interference call correct?

Was pass interference call correct?
December 8, 2013, 6:30 pm
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The Patriots made a comeback for the ages on Sunday against the Browns.

They scored two touchdowns in the final minutes of the game, beating the Browns, 27-26.

But they had a little help.

The Browns were called for a 29-yard pass interference call in the end zone with under a minute left in the game. Tom Brady found Danny Amendola on the next play for the one-yard touchdown.

Ty Law, Troy Brown, and Mike Felger discussed the call - and the fact that it was the wrong one.

"That was definitely a bad call," Law said. "When you have a situation like that where he didn't impede the guy's progress, they were both fighting each other. In that situation in the game you just have to let professional athletes be professional athletes and play football. So that was a terrible call by the official."

Troy Brown agrees with Law that it was a bad call. He doesn't like the fact that officials are becoming the story.

"I feel even more strongly about the officials now," Brown said. "They're getting too involved and too popular in the football games these days. I think it's bad for the sport. I thought it was an awful call by the referee on that play. But they owed the Patriots one from the Carolina game, and they got it back today."

Felger just hates penalties.

"I despise it when pass interference decides a football game," Felger said. "I despise when touch calls decide a sporting event. Whatever the sport may be. It's why I don't like the NBA, because every NBA game is decided by touch fouls."

What do you think? Was the correct call made by the officials for pass interference? Let us know in the comments section.