Wallace's TD catch over Cole comes back to bite Pats

Wallace's TD catch over Cole comes back to bite Pats
December 15, 2013, 6:30 pm
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MIAMI GARDENS – After weeks of face-planting out of the gates, the Patriots were in prime position as the first half wound down.
Ahead 10-0 on Miami, the Patriots would be going to their locker room with a lead for the second time in seven games.
All they needed was to get through the final 91 seconds.
Didn’t happen. The Dolphins got a key third-and-10 conversion from Ryan Tannehill to Rishard Matthews to extend their drive then, on third-and-2 from the Patriots 39 with 40 seconds left, Tannehill saw Marquice Cole line up across from his blazing fast wideout Mike Wallace.
Cole, in because Kyle Arrington left the field with an injury on the previous play, was targeted immediately. Wallace ran a skinny post route, Cole’s effort to bring Wallace down failed and safety Steve Gregory was absent in support.
“I was on (Wallace) pretty tight,” Cole said. “I had a shot at the ball and grabbed at him with the off-hand, the free hand and what ended up happening was I spinned [sic] him. And when I spinned him, I got in the way of Steve so Steve couldn’t make the tackle.”
The touchdown started a run of 17 straight Miami points and paved the way for their 24-20 win. Cole, an outstanding special teams player, is capable covering from the slot. But on that play, in that situation, getting Wallace to the ground instead of trying for the turnover could have saved the Patriots four points.
“It’s not on Steve, I gotta make that tackle,” said Cole. “It’s my play, I gotta make it. I was close enough. It was bang-bang with the ball coming in and my arm coming in. The only thing I would do different is just make that tackle.”