Wakeup Call: An L.A. state of mind?

Wakeup Call: An L.A. state of mind?
May 22, 2013, 9:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, May 22:




  • Notre Dame's Skylar Diggins is driving around in a Mercedes Benz today as her graduation gift from . . . Jay-Z?? (NBC's College Basketball Talk)



  • Sergio Garcia takes his spat with Tiger Woods to an ugly place with a racist comment. (Yahoo! Sports)

  • And when he did, he crossed a line. (Yahoo! Sports)

  • Garcia apologizes for the "fried chicken" remark. (AP)

  • Golf's two governing bodies officially outlaw the belly putter, approving a new rule that starts in 2016, and urges the PGA Tour to follow along so the 600-year-old sport is still played under one set of rules. (AP)




  • They started off as the Los Angeles Chargers way back when, and Alex Spanos hints that everything old may soon be new again. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

  • When last we remember Charles Woodson as a Raider, he was in the snow in Foxboro forcing a Tom Brady fumble that ended up not being a fumble and led to . . . well, you know. Now he's back in Oakland, though, with the state of the Raiders being what it is, it's unlikely he'll get the chance to complete that bit of unfinished business. (AP)

  • Tony Romo's temporarily sidelined after the removal of a "kind of annoying" -- but benign -- cyst on his back. (AP)

  • The rest of the roster is running wild, but the Seahawks show backup QB Josh Portis who's boss. (AP)

  • New coach Bruce Arians doesn't like what he sees from the Cardinals' offense. (AP)

  • The NFL's  embracing new technology. (AP)

  • Tiger Woods, who's been there, talks about RGIII's recovery from ACL surgery. But he doesn't say much about the full-contact golf he claims he used to play in high school. (CSN Washington)