Wakeup Call: Goodell has fear of death . . . in a game

Wakeup Call: Goodell has fear of death . . . in a game
March 6, 2013, 8:30 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, March 6:


-- "It's not politics," insists NASCAR about the NRA sponsoring a Sprint Cup race in Texas. Hey, we never thought it was. Well, hardly never. (AP)


-- You know, the Red Sox ought to sign Brian Wilson just for this. (CSN Bay Area)

-- He's not quoted here, or in any other stories I could link to, but from what they were saying on Twitter it sounds like Brian Cashman is pretty worried about the wrist strain that's knocked Mark Teixeira out of the WBC. (AP)

-- Calling Prince Fielder. Attention, Prince Fielder . . . (Yahoo! Sports)

-- Or maybe Ike Davis. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

-- How about Paul Konerko? (CSN Chicago)

-- In other injury news, it appears choosing rehab over surgery didn't work out too well for Rafael Furcal and the Cardinals. (AP)

-- And it's two to three weeks on the shelf for Cody Ross. (Hardball Talk)

-- Nick Markakis, however, says he's feeling much better. (CSN Baltimore)

-- And look: Albert Pujols is playing again! (AP)

-- Is Nolan Ryan on his way out in Texas? (AP)

-- All signs point to the Cubs trading Carlos Marmol. (Hardball Talk)

-- Maybe to the Tigers, because they ain't bringing back Jose Valverde. (Hardball Talk)

-- Joe Torre says an expanded replay system is coming in 2014. (AP)

-- You'll be in Baltimore on April 20, you say? Well, you won't want to miss 'A Celebration of Earl'. (CSN Baltimore)


-- Indiana loses again, this time to Ohio State . . . (AP)

-- . . . and, suddenly, the Hoosiers are no longer looking like a lock to be a No. 1 seed. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

-- Kansas State its taking its battle with Kansas for the regular-season Big 12 championship down to the wire. (AP)

-- Virginia Tech was Duke's sacrificial lamb on Senior Night. (AP)

-- St. John's was Notre Dame's, except the Red Storm went down fighting. (College Basketball Talk)

-- UTEP coach Tim Floyd says he had a "great three-hour conversation" with USC athletic director Pat Haden, but insists the Trojans "did not offer me a job nor was I looking for a job" . . . despite the fact that Floyd's current boss, UTEP AD Bob Stull, said the talk was, in fact, about the Southern Cal coaching position, which Floyd left under fire in 2010 after accusations that he improperly recruited O.J. Mayo. (AP)


-- Not so fast there with that auction of a green jacket. (AP)

-- Donald Trump brings his typical light touch to the Blue Monster course at Doral, which he purchased last year. (AP)


-- The bad news: The Canadiens become the first team in NHL history to score 20,000 goals. The good news: They reached the plateau in a regulation loss. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

-- The Blackhawks keep on rolling. (CSN Chicago)

-- Marc Staal takes a puck to the eye in the Rangers' win over the Flyers, and no one's sure just yet how serious it is. (AP)


-- Serge Ibaka gets off pretty light for his shot to Blake Griffin's groin -- $25,000 fine, no suspension -- and that lack of punishment draws the ire of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Not to mention Matt Barnes. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Griffin makes light of the whole thing, and uses his corporate sponsor to do so. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- The NBA agrees with J.J. Barea that his scuffle with Ray Allen, in Barea's words, "wasn't that bad." (AP)

-- The Thunder complete their L.A. sweep . . . (AP)

-- . . . and prove that anyone thinking the Lakers can sneak into the playoffs and make a championship run is dreaming. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Dwight Howard says he "could have sat out the whole season until now," so bad was the pain from his offseason back injury, but he chose to play because he wanted to help the team. (Pro Basketball Talk)

-- Andrew Bynum went the other route, and Doc Rivers has sympathy for the Sixers because being without a cornerstone player "cripples your franchise." (CSN Philly)

-- We could've told you that, John. (AP)


-- What's behind Roger Goodell's emphasis on in-game safety? His fear that a player will die on the field. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

-- A little warning, Von Miller: This backfired real bad on Ryan Kalil last year. (AP)

-- A league source thinks the Packers will do right by Aaron Rodgers. (Pro Football Talk)

-- Rather than give the league another chance to ignore him in free agency, Shawne Merriman announces he's retiring "on my own terms and . . .  while I know I can still physically play the game." (AP)

-- Mike Lombardi sure must have impressed the Browns in the less than two months he's worked for them; they've promoted him to GM. (AP)

-- Carson Palmer would "love" to be back with the Raiders next year. But is the feeling mutual? (CSN Bay Area)


-- So was the red card on Man U's Nani, which led to Real Madrid eliminating Manchester United from the Champions League, justified? Richard Farley says yes . . . (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)

-- . . . but colleague Steve Davis says no. (Pro Soccer Talk)


-- Pete Sampras does some pretty loud whistling through the PED graveyard. (AP)