Vollmer glad to be back with Patriots

Vollmer glad to be back with Patriots
March 28, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Sebastian Vollmer. Very good right tackle. Terrific guy. Not a fella that’s gonna be wading into conversational water above the knee.
So when the newly re-signed Patriot took to a conference call Thursday to discuss his four-year, $27 million deal (the $27M is if everything works out perfectly), he wasn’t entertaining ancillary issues.
Any visits with other teams?
“I’m just happy to be here now. I don’t think anything else really matters,” he said cordially. “I think it was known that I wanted to be here and that’s just that.”
Thoughts on having a deal that – if he is to realize the lion’s share of the money – is dependent on his health?
“I’m not going to go into details about what the contract is,” he answered. “I think I’m just happy to be here. Obviously you go into a season, you’re trying to be healthy. You do everything you can. Sometimes you can’t help it; other things you can prevent with certain preparation.”
Hey, what about Wes Welker?

“I don’t know what happened and I’m not willing to talk for him or for anyone else,” Vollmer answered. “But obviously he’s a great football player and I really enjoyed playing with him and over the years, just seeing what he can do and I wish him all the best.”
Vollmer said he’d just left a workout prior to the conference call and that his health is good.
Vollmer said the fact the Patriots made him a second-round pick in 2009 when he was not even invited to the Combine was something he remembered as he hit free agency.

“First, just being drafted here out of Houston four years ago – certainly I haven’t forgotten that,” Vollmer explained when asked his reasons for re-signing. “And just the whole tradition of winning and the coaches that are here, the players you are here with, you kind of know what you have here. I do appreciate the program and the leadership from Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick and the players we have. I really enjoy being a part of this and want to continue to be a part of it.”

He is. Officially.