Volin: Pats may not have enough in passing game

Volin: Pats may not have enough in passing game
January 14, 2014, 1:30 am
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The Patriots ran wild against the Colts, and they have had a lot of success in recent weeks rushing the ball.

So what if the Broncos decide to try to take that away by loading up the box? Can New England then make them pay in the passing game?

Lou Merloni and Mike Felger were joined by Ben Volin and Greg Bedard to discuss this very matter. Volin isn't too sure the Pats have what it takes.

"It's weird, but I think you do want to put the ball in Brady's hands [if you're Denver]," Volin said. "And it's not necessarily his, it's the wide receivers. Do they have enough at wide receiver? And the Colts did the same, they loaded up the box and played a lot of single high safety . . . I think the Broncos will load up to stop the run. They did the same thing against San Diego. That's where the play-action and the screen game becomes so crucial . . . even with Chris Harris out, I don't know if [the Patriots] have enough power in the passing game. If they go down 17-0, it's not going to be like Week 12 where they were able to come back from that 24-point deficit. I think they'll be in a lot of trouble."