Video of Belichick’s PAT pitch is priceless

Video of Belichick’s PAT pitch is priceless
March 26, 2014, 9:45 am
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ORLANDO -- Bill Belichick doesn’t do much to veil his loathing for bureaucratic BS.
Breakfast interviews and smiling pictures with all the fellas who are trying to beat your football team are the very definition of happy horsehockey he likes to avoid.
But at his core, he’s a guy who owes a lot to professional football and -- if he wants the game to be as good as it should be -- he has to play by the rules of the game. And this week, that meant going in front of the NFL’s Competition Committee to pitch his rules change proposals. shared his appeal for a tweak to the extra point.
His “Hey, haven’t you guys noticed that it’s a useless play?” tone oozes, and he works in a drive-by on legislation enacted to make trying to block kicks more difficult.
“I personally feel that we’ve also made it virtually illegal to block a kick,” Belichick intoned. “We can’t hit the center, we can’t overload, we can’t push, we can’t jump, we can’t land on anybody so it’s very, very difficult to competitively play the play.”
In the background, you can see Redskins president Bruce Allen reveling in Belichick’s toneless browbeating.