Ty Law: 'Denver was the better team today'

Ty Law: 'Denver was the better team today'
January 20, 2014, 12:45 am
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The Patriots are going home losers Sunday night, falling to the Denver Broncos, 26-16.

New England battled through countless injuries this season to be where they were, but it was clear early on that the Broncos were just too much to overcome.

Mike Felger, Ty Law, and Troy Brown discussed the game, and the fact that Denver was the better team, and there's nothing the Pats can do about that.

"You're going to be disappointed because you wanted them to go to the Super Bowl, as Patriots fans you wanted them to win," Law said. "But Denver was the better team today and you have to give credit to those guys. They came out prepared. They played with more energy. They played with more passion. They made fewer mistakes. So you have to give the better team the credit and they're going to go on to the Super Bowl. There's no reason to hold your head down."