Tucker: Brady shouldn't comment on Gronkowski

Tucker: Brady shouldn't comment on Gronkowski
October 16, 2013, 10:30 am
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Is it possible that this Rob Gronkowski situation has gone on so long that popular perception has swayed back to those supporting the big tight end? Seemed for a while that most felt as though Gronk should be back if he's playing in practice. "His team needs him!" was the popular refrain.

But now that teammates have come out and made themselves heard -- even Tom Brady said Gronk looks "great" in practice -- it sounds as though people are doubling back to support Gronkowski. "Who has the right to tell him what to do with his body and his career?" they say.

That's what Ross Tucker essentially told Mike Giardi on SportsNet Central on Tuesday.

"It's unfair of Tom Brady to treat Rob Gronnkowski in that way, and really Tom should know better," Tucker said.

"He's struggling out there," Ross added. "This is the worst I've seen Tom Brady play in years. Part of it is obviously the group he's doing it with. Maybe he thinks, 'Look I don't have that many more options/years left. I gotta get this guy out there."

When Troy Brown visited with Gary Tanguay and Joe Haggerty on Sports Tonight, he relayed a similar opinion: Gronk should do what's best for Gronk, regardless of what people are saying.

"There's no questioning this guy's toughness and what he brings to this football team," Brown said.

"Do I wanna play this week or do I wanna play eight or nine more years?" Brown asked. "After eight, nine more years, he's gonna cash in if he plays like he has in the past."

Where do you stand, assuming Gronk would get medical clearance if he told Dr. James Andrews he felt ready? Should he be out there?