Troy Brown on the increase in pass interence calls


Troy Brown on the increase in pass interence calls

The replacement refs made a staggering number of pass interference calls in Week 1 -- 29 to be exact. But is it their fault, or are defensive backs and wide receivers trying to take advantage of their less-than-expert eyes?

Either way, it's a judgement call, and former Patriots wide receiver (and future Patriots Hall of Famer -- Saturday) Troy Brown was in studio to discuss.

"When you more than double the number of calls in Week 1 of this year than you did the previous two years, then you have to start throwing your hands in the air and start creating the NFL version of the flop. Start flopping around a little bit and flailing your arms in the air and get a few calls. That's what I'd be doing."

Lou Merloni was surprised by the number, because he felt the referees still missed a lot.

Brown, Gary Tanguay, and Merloni go into much more detail, so check out the video.

Brady legal team granted 14-day extension


Brady legal team granted 14-day extension

Tom Brady’s legal team, including recent hire former US Solictor General Ted Olson, have been granted the extension they were seeking for the deadline to file for a rehearing in the Deflategate case. 

Despite the NFL’s opposition - lawyers for the league requested Monday that the motion be denied - the court ruled Tuesday in favor of the NFLPA and Brady. They now have until May 23 to file the request for a rehearing or rehearing en banc with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which last week reinstated his four-game Deflategate suspension.

Once Team Brady makes the request, the court still has to agree to take up the case again. And while many legal experts speculate the odds of that happening are low, this case has continued to confound observers as it has played out.