'Trash Talk'-Is the Patriots offense back?

'Trash Talk'-Is the Patriots offense back?
November 7, 2013, 11:30 pm
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In the blink of an eye, the Patriots put up 55 points against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

Seeing the offense return to form was good, but was it a result of the Patriots offense being stellar or a bad Pittsburgh Steelers defense? Andy Hart and Paul Perillo debated on Patriots Football Weekly.

“Let’s be honest, that was putrid defense, absolutely awful defense that we saw from the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Hart said. “That was as bad a pass defense as I have seen against these Patriots in a decade.”

Perillo saw it differently, as he thought the points were a byproduct of the Patriots offense and not a shaky Steelers’ defense.

“When these guys are out there and they’re active this is what this offense can do,” said Perillo on Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola’s performances against Pittsburgh. “Are they going to score 55 points? No. They scored that many probably because the Steelers’ defense was so bad. But you can’t just ignore the fact that you finally have these guys out there healthy together, and suddenly the offense looks like it has in the past.”