'Trash Talk'-More trust in offense or defense?

'Trash Talk'-More trust in offense or defense?
September 26, 2013, 9:45 pm
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With the up-and-down play of the offense, and stellar play from the defense, it has created a debate of which one do fans trust the most right now.

Andy Hart and Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joined the debate on which they have more confidence in.

“I always feel confident going with Tom Brady,” Hart said. “I am going to stick with the offense. And part of it isn’t just Brady, it’s the return of Gronk which is very much on the horizon, the expected return of [Danny] Amendola, and the growth of the receivers. They are going to be better. The running game is chipping in. I don’t know how you can go against this offense long term.”

On the other side, Perillo believes the defense has more upside due to the way they have played so far this season.

“Aqib Talib’s presence is really starting to show throughout that defense,” Perillo said. “I think they are able to play a little bit differently because they have the ability to have him lock up on somebody. That defense right now, I am very encouraged.”