Tom Brady the Adventurer


Tom Brady the Adventurer

And we were worried about the Summer of Gronk.

Have you seen the photos of Tom Brady cliff jumping last week in Costa Rica!? Good God, man. Its not worth it. Think of the team. Think of the fans. Think of the children!

Think of . . . eh, whatever.

In all seriousness, Bradys Costa Rican adventure looked like a pretty awesome time. I also appreciate that the cameras caught him flying through the air like a bad ass, as opposed to yelling Weeee! on his way down a childrens water slide like last year.

But most of all, back to present time, its just great to see Brady back in camp, looking all healthy and Brady-like and ready to lead the Pats for a 12th straight season. Even after all these years, hes still the single greatest thing about being a sports fan in this town, and will be until the day he hangs them up (unless he goes bonkers and starts posting extreme political opinions on his Facebook fan page.)

But that love for Brady is also why I hate watching him this time of year. Of course, there are exceptions. Im OK with a few skeleton drills. I never get sick of watching him fade back against an invisible defense and hit a receiver in stride. But once you get to real football. Whether its an inter-squad scrimmage, a joint practice with the Saints, or even worse, the pre-season. Im all set. Id rather fit Brady for a protective bubble and glue his ass to the bench than risk a stupid injury. Once the pre-season starts, Im literally watching every offensive play through one eye.

Honestly, though. How much does he really need to play between now and Week 1? Whats the difference? He already has a rhythm and relationship with every receiver on the roster (Welker, Branch, Gronk, Hernandez, Stallworth, Gaffney, Edelman, Slater) but Lloyd, and the two of them can work that out in practice. After a full season of trying to connect with Ochocinco, Brandon Lloyd will be a breeze for Brady. They're already in a good place.

Do they really need to risk him rolling an ankle, smacking his hand on a helmet, or some over-anxious, undrafted free agent busting through the line and hitting him at the knee?

No, they don't. But I figure they will.

Still, I'd rather Tom Brady jump off 10 cliffs in Costa Rica than take 10 snaps in the pre-season. I'd even excuse him for the occasional: "Weeeee!"

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Affleck offers passionate Brady defense when asked about Deflategate


Affleck offers passionate Brady defense when asked about Deflategate

When the topic of Deflategate was broached on HBO's Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, which debuted this week, Ben Affleck became all kinds of fired up.

"What they did was suspend Tom Brady for four days for not giving them his [expletive] cellphone," Affleck said. "I would never give an organization as leak-prone as the NFL my [expletive] cellphone . . . so you can just look through my emails and listen to my voicemails?"

Affleck grew up in Cambridge, Mass. and is a passionate Patriots fan. He made no attempts to hide his fandom, and his appreciation for Brady, as he and Simmons (also a Patriots fan) discussed the football-deflation controversy that has now lasted well over a year. 

Affleck, who said he would want to cast himself as Brady if ever a Deflategate movie was made, harped on the fact that the league wanted Brady to turn over his phone. 

"Maybe Tom Brady is so [expletive] classy and such a [expletive] gentleman," Affleck said, "that he doesn’t want people to know that he may have reflected on his real opinion on some of his co-workers."

Brady is waiting for the Second Circuit to make a decision as to whether or not it will rehear his case against the NFL. Earlier this offseason, the Second Circuit reinstated Brady's four-game suspension issued by the league when a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the NFL, 2-1. 

Pro Football Talk wrote on Thursday that a decision from the Second Circuit could come at any time. If the rehearding request is denied, Brady could then take the case to the Supreme Court. Should the Second Circuit grant Brady a rehearing, his suspension would be delaed until the court reached a decision. In that case, Brady could potentially play the entire 2016 season before a decision came to pass. 

Brady posts high school essay to Facebook on living in his sisters' shadow


Brady posts high school essay to Facebook on living in his sisters' shadow

Tom Brady wasn't always the most famous person in his family. Growing up, his sisters were the accomplished athletes in the household. 

For his latest Throwback Thursday style Facebook post, Brady published a pair of photos of an old high school essay that he wrote in the fall of his senior year in 1994. It was titled "The way my sisters influenced me."

I found an essay I wrote in 1994... I love my big sisters! #tbt. Thanks for the good grade Mr Stark!

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, June 23, 2016

In it, he discusses some of the difficulties of growing up with three older sisters and no brothers. Because Maureen, Julie and Nancy Brady had achieved so much in softball, basketball and soccer, Brady -- or "Tommy," as he signed his paper -- had trouble getting noticed. 

Of course, it wouldn't be long before Brady was headed from San Mateo, California to Ann Arbor, Michigan in order to play football for the Wolverines. He probably had no trouble garnering attention by then. Still, it's funny to read about how he felt overlooked in his youth. 

He closed the essay explaining that he knew his sisters would always provide him support throughout his life, adding, "hopefully, just maybe, one day people will walk up to them and say, 'Aren't you Tommy's sister?' or 'Hey where is your brother?' Maybe . . . "

If the Brady sisters didn't get those kinds of comments by the time the baby of the family was given an 'A' for his English assignment, it probably didn't take long before they did. About seven years later, he took over as the starting quarterback of the Patriots.