Thornton: What to expect from Patriots in off season

Thornton: What to expect from Patriots in off season
March 9, 2013, 2:30 am
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Jerry Thornton joins Felger and Mazz to discuss the Patriots off season plan.

Thornton believes the off season is the worst time of year to be a Patriots fan, for the simple reason that no one ever knows what the team is going to do. Thornton counts himself among those Patriots fans anxiously waiting a resolution to the Wes Welker contract negotiations, even comparing the suspense to the negotiations currently taking place in the Vatican. When it comes to the off season, no player is safe. The Patriots could follow one of the many speculated off season approaches or they could turn the league on its head with a jaw dropping trade or signing. The point is, no one knows.

There's also a chance Welker is scared away by Thornton's confession that he wants to build a fort out of pillow sheets with the receiver. But if anyone can escape blanket coverage (weak pun intended) it's Welker.

For more on the offseason plans, check out the video above.