Think you can dance Pats style?


Think you can dance Pats style?

In our efforts to keep everyone completely informed, we pass along the following.

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders, recently ranked the No. 1 cheering squad in the NFL by CNBC, will hold an open audition on Saturday, March 3.

Women who are at least 18-years-old and currently have a high school diploma or GED are invited to attend the open auditions, which will take place in Gillette Stadiums Dana Farber Field House. Registration begins at 10:00 a.m.

Candidates will perform two designated routines and a freestyle combination. They will be judged on dance ability, showmanship, overall appearance and level of physical fitness. Judges will narrow the field to up to 65 participants to be invited back for final auditions on Saturday, March 17. A more detailed description of the audition process can be found at www.patriots.comcheerleaders.It says "women." So this guy can't try out. It's OK. He's on vacation. He'll never even see this.