Tebow loves joint practices alongside "The Great One"

Tebow loves joint practices alongside "The Great One"
August 13, 2013, 5:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- The Patriots are practicing with another team for the second straight week, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in town before Friday's preseason game.

It's something the Patriots have done the last few seasons. But it's not something Tim Tebow has done until now.

"It's great. I love it," said Tebow. "It gives us an opportunity to face different fronts, different coverages, different blitzes, get a look at everything. You're going to see that in the season. You're going to see a lot of different looks every week. So, it's fun for us being able to see different teams and then coming back to obviously face our defense as well."

Tebow said that he's learning the Patriots offense as they go, feeling more and more comfortable each day.

Even when he isn't involved in scrimmages against the other teams in the joint practices, he's still learning from Tom Brady. Or as Tebow calls him, "the great one."

"It's going well," said Tebow. "Just trying to work hard every day and improve. Every time you get a rep, learn from it. When you don't [get a rep], try to get mental reps. I'm watching the great one out there, so you've got to get a lot of good mental reps."