Tebow knocking off rust at Patriots minicamp

Tebow knocking off rust at Patriots minicamp
June 11, 2013, 12:30 pm
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FOXBORO -- Looking a little stubby next to fellow quarterbacks Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett, Tim Tebow ran through some simple throwing drills during the early portion of his first practice with the Patriots on Tuesday morning.
Wearing a red, non-contact jersey -- the same as Brady and Mallett -- the 6-foot-2 Tebow was easily distinguishable from his taller quarterbacking counterparts as they stood together zipping warmup throws to each other in a triangle formation.
Tebow’s passes were easy to pick out as well, even if one merely watched the ball in the air and didn’t look observe who threw it.
While Mallett’s and Brady’s throws seemed to move on a zipline, straight and true to stationary coaches standing downfield, Tebow’s throws lacked the same velocity and tightness.
To be fair, this is Tebow’s first practice with the Patriots -- or any team -- since last season and he’s throwing to receivers whose names he doesn’t even know. There will be rust to knock off.
And that was apparent.
The first set of throws the quarterbacks were asked to make put the lefthanded Tebow at a disadvantage -- rollout throws to the right sideline -- he did throw consecutive passes outside the boundary.
On some downfield fades to the end zone from about the 30-yard line, Tebow tended to lead his targets a little too much and throw a much flatter ball than either Mallett or Brady.
ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, one of a massive media contingent on hand, made note of the fact that Tebow’s throwing limitations are very much on display working next to the cannon-armed Mallett and fundamentally perfect Brady.
We have no word yet on whether Tebow will be available after the morning practice.