Tanguay yells: 'This is not Belichick's fault'

Tanguay yells: 'This is not Belichick's fault'
January 23, 2014, 9:45 pm
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Gary Tanguay says those who argue Bill Belichick didn't provide Tom Brady with proper weapons are wrong

After losing the AFC Championship to the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots have faced media and fan criticism for not giving Tom Brady the weapons to succeed, as it appeared to have been done for Peyton Manning in Denver.

Gary Tanguay disagreed with that point of view.

"Every whiny Patriot fan out there has made me want to throw up," Tanguay said on Arbella Insurance Early Edition. "Everybody that has criticized Bill Belichick for not giving Tom Brady weapons this year is wrong, sour grapes, unfaithful, uninformed and just plain stupid."

He cited the roster prior to the release of Aaron Hernandez for his alleged involvement in the Odin Lloyd murder case.

"Belichick has done nothing wrong," said Tanguay, proceeding to raise his voice. "This is what Bill Belichick lost this year: he lost two offensive tackles to injury in Solder and Vollmer; then he lost two nose tackles; then he lost two linebackers; and he had a cornerback playing on one hip; then one tight end went to jail; then another tight end went down with an injury.

"This is not Belichick's fault! Belichick had the weapons for Brady! This argument about Belichick not doing the job this year? Everybody's wrong, Trenni," he said, addressing Trenni Kusnierek. "You're wrong, everybody on the radio's wrong -- it's unfair."

Kusnierek countered with a simple question: "Do you have dinner reservations with Bill after this?"

He did not.

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