Tanguay: We should hear from Pats on Hernandez

Tanguay: We should hear from Pats on Hernandez
July 3, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Unless you've been cut off from civilization the last two weeks, you know all of the drama surrounding Aaron Hernandez and his alleged activities.

But no matter what you've heard, not a word of it has come from the Patriots.

Hernandez' former employer has been unsurprisingly mum on the issue, cutting the once star tight end hours after he was arrested, offering fans the opportunity to trade in their No. 81 jerseys for other Patriot ones of comparable value and, besides a short statement, not uttering a single response in regards to the situation.

It's almost like the team is trying to erase his name from existence.

And that doesn't sit well with everyone.

The UNO Sports Tonight crew tackled this subject on Tuesday night, and Mike Felger was blunt in his view of the Pats' silence.

"No one in the organization has said a word," Felger said. "[They] haven't taken a question, not said anything publicly, not faced the music in any way, shape or form."

Gary Tanguay backed up Felger's words. He did take a decidedly diplomatic stance, but still felt the bottom line was that the Patriots organization needed to start talking.

"If I was advising the team, I would say no, you don't want to [say anything publicly]," Tanguay said. "But it would make a statement if Robert [Kraft] went to the podium and took questions. [Bill] Belichick's not going to do it."

It's not all that likely the Patriots will ever truly speak on this situation.

Click on the video above to view the whole conversation regarding the issue.