Tanguay vs. Minihane: Round Two

Tanguay vs. Minihane: Round Two
July 24, 2013, 8:45 pm
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You know how the sequel is never quite as good as the original?

Gary Tanguay vs. Kirk Minihane Round 2 was kind of like that on Wednesday night. About 24 hours after they squared off in a heated exchange on "Uno Sports Tonight," the two were renunited, and joined by Lou Merloni and Ron Borges, to continue their discussion about Bill Belichick's handling of the Aaron Hernandez situation.

A night after Tanguay told WEEI's Minihane, "You're a moron!" and Minihane fired back with, "Gary, don't be a jerk!" -- the atmosphere and the debate was much calmer.

"You had to be moved?" Tanguay asked Minihane of Belichick's press conference performance.

"I didn't say Belichick should or should not speak," Minihane said. "I said he didn't HAVE to speak. He spoke and did a good job. To criticize Bill Belichick today would be ridiculous."

Minihane stuck to his opinion that his view of Belichick wasn't be changed by the press conference. Nor should anyone else's be changed, he said.

"I wasn't crying like you were," Minihane told Tanguay.

Borges said the tone Belichick took was the most important factor. The Boston Herald sports writer also said the biggest surprise to him was Belichick taking responsibility for bringing Hernandez into the organization by drafting him.

Tanguay said the press conference changed the way he feels about the Patriots coach.

"I have higher opinion of Bill Belichick as a man today," Tanguay said.

So are our two combatants OK with each other now after their earlier fireworks?

"I like Kirk," Tanguay said.

"I'm not a particular fan [of Tanguay]," Minihane said.