Tanguay, Minihane: Broncos would have lost with Brady

Tanguay, Minihane: Broncos would have lost with Brady
February 3, 2014, 9:45 pm
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It wouldn't really matter who played quarterback for the Broncos last night. Seattle was winning it.

Every Patriots fan and Peyton Manning basher is taking every opportunity to kick Manning while he's down after the Broncos' blowout loss to the Seahawks.

Well, Kirk Minihane says that if it was Tom Brady in the game, the Seahawks STILL would have won - although Minihane says there's "no way" Brady throws that first interception.

Tanguay agrees the Broncos would have still lost, but knows Brady would have performed better.

"There's just something about Tom Brady and adversity," Tanguay said. "And he's accustomed to it. The guy never quits. With Manning, it's just part of the being. Part of the DNA. The tougher it gets, the tougher Brady gets. With Manning, it goes the other way."

What if the Patriots didn't fire Pete Carroll way back?

"Here's the thing with this," Minihane began. "He would have never had the keys to the car for personnel. They would never have given Pete Carroll personnel control. So it wouldn't have mattered. He would have been fired in a couple of years and they never would have hired Bill Belcihick. He would have gone somewhere else, probably would have gone maybe eventually to the Jets."